15 Quick Ways To Get More Followers On Spotify

Ways To Get More Followers On Spotify
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Ways To Get More Followers On Spotify.

Spotify aims to make music “accessible to all.” This massive platform is now streaming millions of songs created by talented musicians, and, as with any rapidly expanding platform, competition is getting hot. You want your Spotify playlists to be played as much as possible as a tastemaker.

After all, Spotify is on the verge of becoming a social media platform. Any producer can increase their following with the right promotional tactics and execution. Are you looking for more Spotify followers? Spotify is the most popular music streaming site in the world right now, with over 208 million active users (96 million are paying subscribers). As Spotify continues to expand and deliver new resources to help new artists succeed, it makes sense to invest time and effort into growing your Spotify following. If you’re a Spotify artist, you already know how important it is to grow your Spotify’s following.

Your followers will help you in keeping track of your success and increasing your chances of receiving exclusive music tracks. Not only that, but they function similarly to your mailing list. When you release a new single or announce a concert in their city, Spotify automatically updates your followers. So, it’s very important to have a large Spotify following. We are sharing some tips to grow more followers. So, before wasting any time, take a look at the 15 Quick Ways To Get More Followers On Spotify in 2021.

1. Take the Advantage of Social Media Platforms

If you want to grow your Spotify following, you’ll need to use social media platforms. Everyone is on social media these days, so you should be there as well. Make a professional-looking website with a professional logo and design. Provide value to your target audience by posting relevant content. Increase the number of people who like your page and start promoting your Spotify playlists.

You can link to Spotify in the same way that you link to your website and other social media sites. Not only should you include this in your about section, but you should also ask fans to follow you on Facebook and Twitter by posting a link to your Spotify playlist. Are you releasing a new single or album that has been added to a Spotify playlist or is already available on Spotify? Be sure to include that in your post as well.

2. Add Spotify “follow” button Widget

Spotify also has a great follow widget that you can embed on your website, similar to the Facebook “like” feature. Be sure to include the widget on every page where you have music (i.e., hopefully a Spotify playlist of your music). Include the widget on your site’s most popular pages.

There are various reasons to get a follow button. One of the main reasons why I have one is that when someone from the forums wants to follow me, they have a quick and easy way of doing it–they don’t have to go out of their way.

3. Never go more than a week without reminding your Followers

Many of us are self-employed artists who produce our own content. Simple stuff, like a weekly prompt for your fans to follow you on Spotify, are easy to overlook. You almost certainly have pages on Instagram and TikTok where your fans can connect with you. You most likely have pages on Twitter and Facebook as well. However, you might be overlooking a few crucial opportunities to promote your music.

Email is a popular media source that younger artists neglect. Email newsletters have a more intimate feel to them, and they’re a perfect way to create a weekly routine for keeping your most devoted fans informed. All of these are points of contact between you and your ever-growing fan base on a regular, weekly, and monthly basis. Don’t squander your power. Never miss a week without blogging, texting, or emailing a link to your Spotify page, along with a reminder to visit it. Make it as personal a prompt as possible, emphasizing how fast and simple it is to press the follow button, so that your fans feel like they’re on the journey with you.

4. Update your Spotify playlist Constantly

Maintain the quality of your Spotify playlist. Change the order of the songs on your playlist. I never keep a track in my playlist for more than three months and try to refresh it at least once a month. Along the same lines, avoid having too many tracks by the same artist,  because this seems to hurt your Spotify playlist’s search results. Keep your playlist close and picky to go along with this. A decent range is between 50 and 200 tracks. Be honest with yourself.

The majority of the most popular Spotify playlists have EXACTLY 50 tracks – there’s a reason for this, and it’s because it works. Keep it anywhere between 50 and 200 songs. To your audience, add all the songs that you believe best match the mood of the playlist. Keep in mind that a big Spotify playlist can be too much for the average listener who isn’t trying to discover 200 new artists in one day.

5. Share the Spotify code with others.

Spotify launched a new tool: a picture with a QR code that your fans can scan directly to their phones and play your music right away. (It’s close to Snapcodes if you’re comfortable with Snapchat.)

Assume you’re performing at a show where you’ll be able to bring new audiences to your music. Set up a station with an iPhone or iPad at your merch booth, so fans can check the QR code and have it sent directly to their phones. You may also use the code on typical products such as posters, postcards, or even the CD artwork.

6. Keep Creating Content

Finally, it’s worth noting that becoming a great Spotify tastemaker necessitates more than just talent or luck. To succeed in this game, you must maintain consistency, create your brand, and take advantage of mood. Your decisions should be driven by a strategic plan, but the details are up to you! Keep creating content, satisfy your audience, and stick to a plan. Spotify is a platform with a lot of possibilities.

If you have a few small wins, make sure you stay active and keep feeding people what they want.  As previously mentioned, the larger your playlist tastemaker community grows, the more you can utilize it within your music-making. Best of luck!

7. Signing Up for Spotify Forum

To get more followers on Spotify, follow the same guide you would follow on any other platform or community. A great way to start is by signing up for the Spotify Forums. Then, go and follow some members on the Spotify Forum. You don’t need to follow all of them. It’s a free place. But you’ll get a good idea of what people are doing to increase their follower numbers. You can follow and interact with Spotify users. Do not give recommendations on recommendations. Keep it to being helpful and informative.

A small tip, if you want to get a couple of good recommendations from some users on Spotify, find a song that you like or that you find interesting. That’s what people will like and share the most. It’s kind of like that when you share an article from someone, They share it like it’s a good thing. So if you find a song that you like, listen to it and let the other people in Spotify know about it.

8. Post Your Personal Stories and follow similar accounts

The next step to getting more followers on Spotify is getting your information out there. You can go to the Spotify Community and post your personal story about how you got on Spotify or what you’ve been doing to increase your followers. On Spotify’s support site, you can go into your Help Center and fill out a form with your questions about followers and other things on Spotify.

To find more accounts to follow-on Spotify, you can go to Spotify’s Community and follow other people. Follow the accounts that are similar to yours. Just follow some accounts that have similar followers, playlists, music, and whatnot. If you follow a bunch of people, and they follow you back, you can create a playlist that you can post to Spotify’s Community.

It’s a playlist that you like and are making a playlist about. And then, people will see the playlist and get an idea of what it’s about. You’ll be getting Spotify’s followers, and they’ll see that you’re listening to some songs that are on the playlist that you created.

9. Claim Your Profile

If you want to get the most out of Spotify, you’ll need to claim your profile via Spotify For Artists. This helps you to personalize your Spotify artist page with images, a profile, and upcoming concerts. It also provides you with access to a variety of resources. This includes the ability to contribute to playlists and use analytic tools that show you how many Spotify plays you’ve received, where they’re coming from, and much more.

It also adds a blue “Verified Artist” checkmark to your Spotify profile, giving it an extra layer of credibility. Check out this post on How to Claim and Update Your Artist Profile for a more in depth look into how to claim your profile with Spotify For Artists.

10. Embedded on your Website

In addition to social media, Spotify has a range of tools you can use to increase the number of times your website is visited. The ability to embed a song, album, or playlist into your site is the first feature worth mentioning. This enables Spotify users to listen to your music directly from your website. And if they don’t have Spotify, they’ll be able to listen to a thirty-second sample of the track and sign up to listen to the entire album.

If you’re not going to include a play button on your website, at the very least include a follow button or some other easy reference to your Spotify profile. Fans won’t know where to listen to your music if you don’t tell them, and you’ll miss out on possible sources.

11. Make your Own Playlists

The only way to ensure that your music is included in playlists is to create it yourself. Even if you don’t get a lot of streams right away, your playlists will slowly gain a following over time.

Making playlists is also a perfect way to engage with current fans and give them something to show their friends. You can create playlists of music that are relevant to your style, songs that you like, or tracks that are inspiring your next project. Be sure to include your own music so that it is played whenever anyone listens to your playlist.

12. Have Patience

As previously said, there is no magic formula that will guarantee you more Spotify, or other streaming services. The most you can do, as in any other part of the music industry, is take the best approach possible and wait and see what happens.

It takes time to develop a fan base on any platform. However, if you’re consistent and dedicated with what you release, and you follow the steps outlined in this guide, you’ll see a gradual improvement. The most important thing is to be patient and not give up in the early stages of your music career.

13. Use Paid Services

You can pay for advertising on Spotify, Facebook, or Twitter if you have enough money. Some trusted websites are also offering Spotify Followers and Plays services at very affordable prices. You should read this post by fbreviews on Best Sites to buy Spotify Followers. However, the minimum price of an ad on Spotify is $25, while the amount of exposure and ad you want on Facebook and Twitter can vary depending on the type of exposure and ad you want.

You might want to start with the cost-cutting advertisements. You can start by focusing on people who enjoy the same musical genre as you. Non-fans, on the other hand, can be encouraged to join you by providing rewards and freebies.

14. Invite Your Friends

It would be extremely beneficial if you could invite your friends to follow your Spotify account and attend your gigs. To encourage them to do so, you might give small rewards or discounts. These may be in the form of free downloads or other types of freebies. The easiest way to let your friends know about your shows is to list them on your Spotify artist page, so that anyone who comes across it can see where your gigs are, whenever they’re occurring, and if they’re near them.

People who couldn’t find you before will now be able to find your Spotify profile and come to your future gigs if you send away links to your Spotify account during your gigs. Be sure to close the online-to-offline gap so that your fans can hear your music as well as see you in person. Keep doing what you’re doing to the best of your capacity, and you’ll acquire a large fan base in no time.

However, you must, deliver your performance perfectly so that your audience is encouraged to listen to more of your music. Make a set list of your most famous songs and shake a knee.

15. Add More and More Songs to Your Playlists

You must create more original songs to add to your playlist when promoting your songs. Your listeners will have a wider range of options thanks to this strategy. People have different musical tastes, so offering a diverse range of genres can increase your chances of gaining new followers.

It might also be worthwhile to include music that you don’t especially like in your playlist, as all music from a variety of genres may reach people who will still listen to your music if they come across it. A significant percentage of people can only hear your music because of tracks they already enjoy. As a result, if you broaden your playlist to include as several  music genres as possible, more people can find your profile and learn about you through the music they already enjoy.

The more types of music you can include with your playlist, the more people will be drawn to your Spotify profile. As a result, adding songs to your playlist is one of the simplest and most powerful ways to expand your audience and fan base.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I go viral on Spotify?

– Don’t make all of your releases at once.
– Buy Spotify Plays and Followers
– Collaborations with other unsigned artists.
– Follow the footsteps of other songs.
– Use Facebook to promote your songs.

Q: How do I increase my monthly listeners on Spotify?

1. Add Spotify “follow” button Widget
2. Never go more than a week without reminding your Followers
3. Update your Spotify playlist Constantly
4. Also, Share the Spotify code with others.
5. Keep Creating Content

Q: Do Spotify Followers matter?

If you’re a musician, your Spotify playlist’s followers (much like your YouTube subscribers) are a representation of people’s long-term trust in you. It is easily accessible in most parts of the world and provides a consistent platform for amateur and known artists to showcase their talent. Being famous on Spotify is not a big deal. Some websites now allow you to buy Spotify playlist followers for a very low price.

Q: What’s the difference between Spotify Streams and Spotify Followers?

The number of times your song has been played on Spotify after 30 seconds is calculated in streams, and If you’re an artist, Spotify followers (just like YouTube subscribers) are a vote of deep trust in you. It’s a member of the Spotify group who raises their hand and says, “Hey!” You’re fantastic, and I’d like to hear from you again.” Your content can appear more often in that user’s Home/Browse windows, cause user notifications/alerts, and affect other algorithms that promote your music in the end.

Q: What are the Advantages of Buy Followers on Spotify?

You can quickly and easily increase the number of followers on your Spotify account by using a service like SMMSumo or FollowersZeal. It comes with several benefits. Furthermore, if you’ve ever tried to develop a Spotify profile the old-fashioned way, you know how time-consuming and complicated it can be. If you buy real Spotify followers, this is no longer a problem. You’ve created an instant captive audience waiting to hear what you have to say. More people will join you as your Spotify account.


Trying to promote your music on Spotify and trying to get more followers is similar to selling your music on any other platform. The most critical thing is that you maintain consistency with both your content and your marketing efforts. Spotify offers a variety of features, including Spotify For Artists, social media networking tools, embedded, pre-saving options, and Ad Studio.
From outside Spotify's own services, there are a slew of other methods you may use to entice your listeners to join you on the platform. Magazines, Blogs, and websites are all excellent places to place your music in a light where potential audiences can genuinely pay attention to it rather than ignore it. When new listeners become fans, email lists, social media, and texting lists are all excellent ways to stay in touch. Finally, using Spotify to promote your artistry and get people to pay attention to it is important. And you and We both know that your music is excellent and deserving of attention.

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