Best Facebook Pages in 2022

Best Facebook Pages in 2022

Today, Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms. Twitter and Instagram are two competitors. It has had a grip on both young and old people for over a decade. Millions of people have Internet access and use their accounts to perform various activities. Have you ever considered this? When you describe these pages on Facebook, users will notice how important these top Facebook pages are. These pages have a combined following of over 350 million people! Some of them are actors, politicians, or athletes who are well-known.

Other notable names are TV shows, sports teams, and businesses such as Samsung and Starbucks. These accounts share a variety of photographs and videos. As a marketing strategy, some of them send out information regarding their products and services. Others share images of their loved ones, funny podcasts, and food recipes. The most important thing is to keep viewers engaged. How did they become so popular? If you want to learn more about what makes them special, keep reading this article.

Top Most Popular Facebook Pages in 2022

People are constantly using social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Maybe to see what their friends are up to, or to read some news. Also, this platform has fan pages for many famous people, brands, and even football teams. They are the most popular Facebook pages in terms of likes. In this post, we’ll look at the top Instagram accounts with the most followers.

1. Facebook: Fans for Itself

Account Name: Facebook
Total Followers: 196 million
Specialization: Facebook services
Country: USA
Total Likes: 210 million
Page Created: 2007

This may come as a surprise to many, but Facebook’s own page is the most popular social networking platform that many users follow. Many users, obviously, start by following Facebook’s page on this platform. It makes sense to have a Facebook page in the first place, considering the current number of Facebook users. So, As of now,  the Facebook page has 210 million likes and 196 million followers. Since 2008, this platform has had active users. Since then, Facebook has gained millions of users who log in on a daily basis.

2. Samsung

Account Name: Samsung US
Total Followers: 162 million
Specialization: Electronics
Country: South Korea
Total Likes: 160.7 million
Page Created: 2010

Samsung is currently the largest technology company in the world, based on global sales. They aim to use technology to bring people together and teach them new ways to innovate. Mobile phones are the company’s most well-known product, but they also make medical equipment, refrigerators, televisions, semiconductors, and camera equipment. Samsung’s Facebook page has a lot of likes and shares, and they utilize it very efficiently compared to other businesses. This, we believe, is the reason for Samsung’s 2nd position.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo

Account Name: cristiano
Total Followers: 151 million
Specialization: Footballer
Country: Portugal
Total Likes: 124 million
Page Created: 2009

This footballer’s Facebook profile is one of the most popular since 2010, he has shown his success to his 120 million followers. He was born 35 years ago in Madeira, Portugal. Since now, he is one of the most successful athletes on the planet. Some pictures have been sponsored. As a result, many companies, such as Crunch Fitness, pay him a huge amount of money. As a result, he posts a photo of them. Also, they’re marketing themselves in this way by using this cool guy.

4. Mr. Bean

Account Name: MrBean
Total Followers: 151 million
Specialization: Comedy
Country: England
Total Likes: 86 million Plus
Page Created: 2008

Mr. Bean is a British comedy starring Rowan Atkinson as the title character. Atkinson’s character gets up to all kinds of trouble and comedic escapades in the series. Also, Mr. Bean is mostly strangely silent, but he does occasionally mumble a few words. Every day, the Mr. Bean Facebook page posts a new video clip from an episode. Also, this page is getting hundreds of comments and thousands of likes. So, the majority of people remember the show from their childhood and enjoy watching it with their children.


Account Name: ChinaGlobalTVNetwork
Total Followers: 118 million
Specialization: News
Country: China
Total Likes: 117 million Plus
Page Created: 2013

China Global Television Network, or CGTN, is under the control of the Communist Party of China’s Publicity Department. It’s an English-language international news network that provides news, information, updates, related to China and the rest of the world. Although people used Facebook to have fun, it is fair to say that it evolved into a platform where users wanted to learn the latest news over time. So, CGTN is a high-quality news channel that broadcasts in a variety of languages. Also, it’s no surprise that it’s now having 117 million Facebook likes and 118 million followers.

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