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Top 10 Website to Buy Instagram Likes in 2021

If you’re not living in a cave then you’ve probably heard about Instagram. With hundreds of millions of active users, it is among the world’s most successful social media platforms. Millions of people use the platform every day to connect with different posts. As a result, Instagram has become one of the largest hotspots for businesses and brands looking to sell their stuff online. You can have the best Instagram posts and still not getting likes. Getting the attention of users and getting Instagram likes and will engage your posts and engage with your profile and videos can take a lot of time and efforts. And, since we’re honest, we already know that it’s common to buy Instagram likes from social media marketing websites. Getting numerous likes on Instagram is important for all those who wish to use Instagram for marketing and business. As in the case of Influencers, people with massive amount of likes and followers gets all the credibility which helps them build social proof on Instagram.

Instagram likes also important for those who wish to start collaborations with the major brands in a certain field. It is proven that the more the number of likes and followers you will have, the better the profitable proposal for collaboration will be.

There is a lot of options and tips available on the internet about how to increase in likes and followers of Instagram, while there are also several marketing companies that promises to deliver you likes in exchange for money, however, not everyone is authentic and you might end up compromising your account, so you have to be careful about the buyer you choose to buy from.

At Ralph Lauren, we received a lot of requests about if actually REAL Instagram likes can be purchased, and what authentic websites are available to buy from. The answer is: Yes, you can purchase Instagram likes. And, here in the articles we picked the top 10 best sites to buy Instagram likes in 2021 to help you find your needs.

1. SMMSumo

SMMSumo helps you with the needs of your Instagram likes and followers and that includes being able to offer unique and real Instagram likes and followers, views as well. They claim to be the only site where you can get real Instagram services that will maintain your post over the long term. If you’re working with SMMSumo, you’ll be working with a team of dedicated of social media experts who will help you through your Instagram likes campaign. They can also work on getting followers and views including increasing the likes for your Instagram post. Another best part about is that they have two years of Free Refill coverage on every service they offer. Surely we can recommend the services of SMMSumo to improve your social media engagement.

2. Followerszeal

Followerszeal is another great company to boost your Instagram likes and expand your profile. They deliver many suitable packages into your budgets. They have a strong policy of refund on any service they provide with 2 years of free refill protection. Before we placed Followerszeal on the 2nd list, we checked some experiments in our Instagram likes Service. We were able to get all the likes we ordered within 2-3 days, naturally.  The quality of the Instagram likes was very good. It was praised for the quality of the likes that they provide. They also have 2 years of free refill protection with 24*7 live chat customer support so you can call them at any time if there’s anything wrong during the order.

3. Always Viral

Always Viral claims to be the best platform for getting all of your social media services out there. They have been working on their company since 2013 and help thousands of users from all around the world. Which means they have years of experience and knowledge under their belt. They have numerous satisfied customers following online. If you want a company that understands what it is doing and knows how to provide its customers with high-quality likes and other engagement then we would really recommend you to check out “Always Viral”. They also provide related services for platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

4. QQSumo

If you need a convenient, effective solution where you can buy high quality Instagram likes and will be anything your long-term sustainability marketing needs, then you need to check out QQSumo. They only delivered real likes and followers on your profile, so you can guarantee that your engagement rate will remain at an ideal level. They have a lot of information on how they work and also have a 24*7 live chat customer support centre in case anything goes wrong. The company have a refund policy, which means if something goes wrong with your order they will refund your full money. They also claim all of their services are safe to use, which is definitely a bonus – this ensures that by using them you won’t be suspended or banned. We would definitely recommend QQSumo.

5. Mr. Insta

Mr. Insta is an online marketing company known for providing Social Media services. They accept PayPal, and their payment methods involve debit and credit cards. The price which starts at $6 per 100 Instagram Likes which seems too costly. There is also a FAQ page on the site, where you can get answers of its services. This also provides a larger description of their subscription plans. Mr. Insta suggests that you visit the FAQ page first, before contacting the customer service team. They don’t have live chat customer service on their website so you need to fill out their contact us form to contact them. Also, the website has fake reviews online so look out for them before making a purchase decision. The website isn’t trustworthy so look elsewhere.

6. SMMPoint

SMMPoint is a UK-based company which was established in 2014. They offer services in the social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Spotify. To boost the likes, and followers customers choose the Instagram Auto like package they want to order, enter your Instagram post’s URL and additional instructions, and pay via PayPal. SMMPoint offers refunds for limited or incorrect orders but no refills for the likes that have been dropped. There is support for live chat, but they weren’t active all the time. We ’ve asked some discount related questions, but they haven’t responded to our message. Also, they just have a 3-star rating on Trustpilot.

7. BestCheapLikes

BestCheapLikes is a Singapore-based company, providing services for Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites since 2013. BestCheapLikes claim to have a money-back guarantee on their services that is valid for 60 days but there is no replacement warranty. The price for 1000 Instagram likes starts from $5. The another downside is they have a live chat customer support on their website, but they are not always available to help you. We order 1000 likes on Instagram from them, and they delivered it within 7 hours. However, delivery time seems too late but the quality of the likes was very bad. Our most of the likes stuck, and we didn’t get fully 1000 likes for which we pay them. Not recommended at all.

8. Social Fans Geek

SocialFansGeek is a social media marketing services site which started in 2012. The company claims to be a one-stop choice for people looking to build their social media popularity quickly for platform such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, Twitter etc. They say their services are consistent and reliable. Their platform is simple to operate, with basic information on the homepage about their ordering process. By contacting its customer support you can make purchases. While their faulty system of order is not stated clearly. There is no information about their refill service program. SocialFansGeek seems to have a decent website but you can go somewhere else if you really want some good quality Engagements.

9. SocialEmpire is a marketing company that helps people to easily gain likes, followers, and views and boosts your social growth. This marketing company offers social media site services such as Facebook, Instagram, and SoundCloud. The starting price for 250 likes for Instagram is $4.49. Their website has no 24/7 customer service. You must fill the “contact us ” in the Support section. However, the speed of delivery was good but the quality was very bad. Also, there are some problems on their website when you are trying to order any service from them. We can order only after 3-4 attempts, before this we are facing a ERROR 404 page again and again which was too irritating.

10. BuyRealMarketing

Buy Real Marketing is a social media company offering services for social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. ‘ They claim that they have 24*7 live chat customer support, but we didn’t find any live chat customer support. The prices are seems pretty expensive. For 100 Instagram Likes, you have to pay $7. Taking into consideration the quality service that they offer is not so good. The likes seem to very poor quality. Also, having  no live customer support, if you experience any problems during the order, you have to fill in the contact us form and wait for them to respond. You can even use SMMSumo’s services where the prices for 100 Instagram likes is only $1.50 with a money-back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can you buy real Instagram likes?
Yes! Of course, you can Buy Instagram likes. The best aspect is its very simple to do, and a lot of celebrities have already purchased likes on Instagram.

Q: Can you get banned for buying likes on Instagram?
No. But if you buy from a vendor from 3rd class who only delivers you fake or spam likes then your Instagram account may be at risk. So make sure  to select a trusted provider likes SMMSumo, Followerszeal, Always Viral, and QQSumo.

Q: Where is the best place to buy Instagram likes?
Of course when it comes to using a platform like this you want the absolute best, because you don’t want to get blocked or be a scam victim. But do not worry that we are here to help. The top 10 following websites were carefully picked. Look for a website that knows a lot about how Instagram works and the algorithm it uses. It is really critical as the site is not meant to spam your account with bots and fake likes because it will put you on Instagram radar and you will be blocked. A good website knows how the algorithm works, and provides your account with real and active likes gradually over time. We will recommend you to start with SMMSumo, Followerszeal, Always Viral, and QQSumo as they are the most trusted provider in the market.

Q: Will it work if I buy Instagram followers?
That depends on your strategy to boost your growth on Instagram. When you just focus on buying likes on Instagram then obviously it won’t work. You need to continue providing great content.

Q: How can I Buy Instagram Likes?
Buying likes on Instagram is now very simple. Only select a reliable company who can give you fair and reliable services. Just sign up for their website and choose your package after selecting the correct service provider. This review will help you choose the right service providers.


Buying likes for Instagram is one of the strategies you can use to rapidly boost your credibility, rankings, fan base and making your Instagram account more visible. When you’re willing to purchase Instagram Likes, you ‘re ready to invest in a way which might lead to your posts getting the best quality results. You can expand your profile and overall interaction much faster by using a reliable supplier than using conventional methods only. While that is not the end all be marketing, it is a useful tool that has been used by celebrities and influencers together for years as a secret tool. Also, research the company’s FAQs to check into the marketing strategies and how successful is their customer support before making purchases. Find those who seems legitimate. Spending time, energy and money on growing your Instagram likes naturally and organically through a service such as SMMSumo, Followerszeal or Always Viral, and QQSumo is the best choice.

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