Top 10 Sites to Buy YouTube Comments

Top 10 Sites to Buy YouTube Comments

Top 10 Sites to Buy YouTube Comments

YouTube is a major source of exposure for many companies and people all over the world. It can help peoples to achieve customers and promote their online status. With YouTube booming and additional YouTubers increasing from every corner of the world, it’s very difficult to draw attention to your videos and get more comments, and views.
Thus, numerous and more people group choosing to buy YouTube comments, and views to boost their fan base and bring the perception of popularity out there.

It noted that buying YouTube comments and Views helps your channel to grow genuinely. YouTube Comments have the ability to increase anything clearly powerful and famous to your larger network in social media marketing. Especially when it comes to creating a sense of credibility and legitimacy, buying comment on YouTube can really make a massive difference.

YouTube Comments could also be excellent to inspire others to show an interest in what you’ve to say, which in turn could lead to a rise in sales and overall conversions. A few websites let users buy YouTube Comments and increase their audience. But many people are concerned about “where to buy YouTube comments. Don’t worry. We checked a number of social media marketing companies, and we listed the top 10 websites to buy YouTube comments in 2020.


When you watch everyone gets big on YouTube and you think it’s your turn to shine, then we suggest you check out a company called SMMSumo. These guys know just what it takes to be an impression on YouTube, and they have all the tools they need to do so. Not only they deliver comments to their customers securely, but they also guarantee that the order will be delivered as soon as possible. The company guarantees to start order process immediately. The 24*7 live customer support team is always available to respond to any questions.

The price of their packages are not only cheap, but also committed to delivering quality engagement. The goal is to retain as many comments as possible and turn them into subscribers as possible. There is also 2 years of free refill protections on their every service. SMMSumo comes 1st in the list of Best Sites to Buy YouTube Comments.

2. Followerszeal

Followerszeal is the second-best website on our list to buy real YouTube Comments. The company guarantee that they delivered 100% real YouTube comments, so you will get only genuine YouTube comments from them. With 100% money-back guarantee and 2 years of free refill protection, they can deliver real YouTube comments at a very fair price. There is much you can do in a short time with them. This is because they have a range of different social media marketing options. What social networking platform you’re using doesn’t really matter, Followerszeal will be helpful with all of that. They put a lot of work into ensuring the quality and performance of their services, and that is why we believe that they will be the great choice to get real comments on YouTube.

3. Always Viral

Always Viral also offered services to social media users since 2013. During this period, they helped lots of peoples to build a successful YouTube channel base. If your target audience is on YouTube, and you need genuine YouTube Comments, then buying comments will be a great idea. Always Viral provides a variety of packages you can choose from. The website respects user privacy compared to other websites — especially in the checkout process. They provide different packages, depending on the needs or key focus of the customer. They also have Instagram, Facebook, SoundCloud, and many others promotional services. Investing in YouTube growth tool definitely values your efforts and can help you with a good benefit that your target audience can notice.

4. QQSumo

QQSumo is another excellent company to use when ordering YouTube comments. In terms of quality, price, and service, they’re above average. QQSumo Provides real YouTube Comments to expand your YouTube channel. The company has a strong refund policy on any service they provide, and 2 years of free refill protection. They have SSL secure payment system on their site to protect your debit card / credit card details. The team knows that YouTube is an essential platform for your reputation, and we believe that QQSumo is the best platform to expand your growth on YouTube. If you’re looking for true comments on your YouTube videos, then this is the website which you should definitely check.

5. SMMPoint

SMMPoint is not the Best Sites to Buy YouTube comments, as the website doesn’t provide many options. Maximum 50 YouTube comments can be ordered from them and the prices are too high, much high compared to others. The price for 10 YouTube Comments is £20, which is too much high. They have refill protection, but they didn’t provide many details on the website. Their customer support service is not very responsive. We contact them via their live chat support, but they didn’t reply our message. We got a reply from them after 9 hours. So think twice before buying from them. We won’t recommend SMMPoint.

6. Media Mister

MediaMister has been providing social media services since 2012, and the headquartered in Arizona, USA. They also have services for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn and many more. We ordered 10 YouTube Comments at $10 to try out their services, but we received it after 4 days, which was surprising as the delivery date on their website was showing 2 days. Customer care at Media Mister is only available from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m only, and from 9 a.m to 1p.m on Saturday. You can reach their customer support by sending emails [email protected] via their contact page form. Their warranty coverage for refund policy is fairly standard.

7. Buy Real Marketing

Buy Real Marketing claims to provide all-in-one social media solution that provides high-quality engagement. They also do offer YouTube Subscribers, Views, and Comments. The price for 10 YouTube Comments is $7. This isn’t big enough relative to what other top-rated companies are offering. Their services are too much costly. Upon closer inspection, we discovered that the comments they provide are from inactive users. Also, there is no live chat customer support are available. Overall, Buy Real Marketing is not recommended as a reliable company. If you’re looking for real Comments on YouTube, then they aren’t the company for you.

8. FollowersBiz

FollowersBiz is a US-based social media marketing company which started in 2015. The website looks fancy and provides some great deal of information about the company and its services. They also offer YouTube comments, which you can not see right away unless you hover over the YouTube section in the top corner. However, as of the time of the test, the link to their terms and conditions appears to be broken. They say that their customer support is available 24*7, but you can only reach through their contact page form. The prices are starting from $6 for 10 YouTube Comments. There are no specific details of their replacement policy, so as long as that is the case, they will not appear in our list of the best sites to buy YouTube Comments.

9. Social Fans Geek is another social media marketing company which provides social media services. The company was started in 2012. The company provides common promotional services such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The price for 15 YouTube Comments is $8. The price for 15 YouTube Comments is $8. You can place orders by contacting their customer support. While their flawed order system is not made clear. There is no information regarding their policy on refill service. SocialFansGeek seems to have a decent website, but we can’t recommend them before they do anything about their order process.

10. BuySocialMediaMarketing

Buysocial Media Marketing is a company that provides social media tools to its customers. They have services for YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Upon doing a little research, we found that the website is not very famous, but they advertise as famous with thousands of customers who use them every day. The price for their YouTube Comments services starts for 10 YouTube Comments at $2.99. There is no live chat customer support. We have found that BuySocialMediaMarketing has only 1 review on Trustpilot, which is negative. So, ignore BuySocialMediaMarketing and choose other provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy YouTube comments?

Yes, you could either request for random comments or custom YouTube comments. Simply pick a custom package, and you will be asked to write the comments on the order form one by one, and these comments will be delivered exactly on your YouTube video.

How do I get more YouTube comments?

The easiest way to get YouTube subscribers is to try out some paid services. You can purchase YouTube Comments from some other service providers, who provide only real comments on your videos. This review will help you choose the best available companies on the market.

Does Buying YouTube Comments Work Well?

Yes. It Works. More comments mean higher search rankings. Marketing will be easy, by making useful and interesting videos. Even this practice improves the reaction control. Videos flooded with negative comments will struggle. Buying good comments increases the video’s increasing reaction. But the things you should keep in mind is that you have to choose a top provider to work. This helps protect the reputation of the company and the financial information.

Q: Is buying YouTube comments a good idea?

The answer is YES. Comments on YouTube have the power to bring something extremely strong and influential to the wider strategy for social media marketing. Especially when it comes to building a sense of credibility and authority, buying commentaries on YouTube can really make the difference.

Q: How are these YouTube comments delivered?

For order YouTube Comments, Just Enter your YouTube video link on which you want to receive comments. However, it’s all depends on whom you’re working with, and the service specifics that you are purchasing. In most cases, it is a case of placing the order for standard comments – or stating the custom comments you want – after which the service provider will gradually add comments to your YouTube videos.

Q: Will I attract more subscribers by buying YouTube comments?

It is basically the primary objective when it comes to buying social proof in just about any manner. The concept is that your channel profits from improved exposure, a lift to its credibility and a much greater sense of authority when social proof is used wisely. In that case, you are much more likely to naturally attract real subscribers

Q: How much does it cost to buy YouTube comments?

There are different rates, company has different costs and different plans. However, SMMSUMO offers 20 Real YouTube Comments at $4 with 100% money-back guarantee.

Q: What are the Best Sites to Buy YouTube Comments?

Thousands of websites offer YouTube comments Services. But it can be very hard to choose which company to go for, but we are here for this. We did the research and looked at which companies would be offering the best service. We were extremely pleased with SMMSumo, FollowersZeal, Always Viral, and QQSumo after trying out several online YouTube Service Providers.


The YouTube videos content creation options are endless. How-to attract people to videos, products, service, and others. Without views, and comments, those videos are useless. Buying YouTube comments can be a perfect way for people to kick-start their channels. Doing so would help make videos easier to rank higher. Using a trusted and proven supplier, you can create your YouTube account and video post interaction noticeably faster than using conservative methods instead.

These services are offered by both good and bad companies, so make sure to learn as much about the company you want as possible. So, we’ve made this review on Best Sites to Buy YouTube Comments, so that it can help you select the right service provider. We suggest starting with the very 1st 4 sites (SMMSUMO, Followerseal, Always Viral, QQSumo) The cost of their packages are reasonable, and they are the only reputable websites that offer only real users with 100% money-back guarantee. Best of Luck.

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