How Do I See Who Like my Facebook Business Page?

How Do I See Who Like my Facebook Business Page?
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Whenever someone “likes” your Facebook business page, you’ll get a notification in the “Notifications” section of your page, which is one of the first ways you’ll know. To use Facebook as your website, go to your Facebook page and click the “Use Facebook As… (followed by the name of your page)” link. Then, above your page picture, press the “think bubble” icon in the upper left corner of the page to see all of your page’s most recent updates. Since the last time you checked your Notifications, anyone who has “liked” your page will be mentioned there. Facebook pages provide a place for businesses, musicians, charities, and other groups to connect with people who are interested in their products. When a Facebook user or a Facebook page “likes” your page, it’s registered in a section of the page.

Receiving an email update when that and other interactions occur on the page is another way to find out right away that someone has “liked” your page. Click “Edit Page” in the upper right corner of your page. Then, in the upper left corner of the next page, select “Your Settings,” check the “Email Notifications” box, and click “Save Changes.” When anyone new “likes” the page, you’ll now get an update.

However, if you’re using a smartphone then follow these steps to know Who Like my Facebook Business Page:

– Go to your business’s Facebook page. (Keep in mind to Login on Facebook.)
– Click the ‘More’ link that appears near and beneath the cover image of your Page.
– Click the ‘Edit Settings’ link after scrolling down the list of choices.
– Scroll through the ‘Settings’ menu until you reach ‘People and Other Pages.’
– To view the details you want to see, choose from the menu options given:
– People Who Liked This Page
– Pages Who Like This Page

Facebook Page Insights

Your Facebook Page contains a wealth of data about the people who have liked it. Go to the Insights tab after you’ve scrolled through the names and images of those who’ve ‘liked’ your Page. The Insights tab is located just below the main Facebook dark blue bar at the top of your Page.

The Insights tab contains a wealth of data on Likes, Page Views,  Reach, Actions on Page, People, Posts, and more.

For example, you can discover:

What cities and countries your fans come from, and how many of them there are, what percentage of your fans are women or men; what percentage of your fans are in various age groups; when your fans are online; how many people your content has reached;… and much more!

Tap the “X” next to the United States to delete it as a selected location if you want to look at places other than the United States. After that, you can enter any new country, area, or city. You can add several locations if you want to analyze more than one at once (for example, New York City and Los Angeles).

Leave the location field blank if you want to see insights into the global audience of Facebook users.

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