How to Get Free Instagram Likes (100% Working!)

If you’re looking to expand your Instagram likes, your success in their algorithm needs to be improved. There are different ways to do so, including increasing the number of followers. Also, by trying to garner a lot of Instagram likes you can also improve your ranking. The best thing about likes is they cost nothing to your viewer. They just have to click on a button. Instagram likes will also be a part of the internal metrics of Instagram. So whether you run a brand account, or you’re an influencer, your account will still be important. Likes is the main currency on Instagram. Your Instagram post will move higher in user news feeds when you are getting more likes. Gaining more likes will also help ensure more visibility for your upcoming posts, as the platform’s algorithm works to show users more of what they’ve expressed interest in previously.

Instagram likes can become an essential component of your overall Instagram strategy. Therefore, we’ve written this article on how to get free Instagram likes to help you to stand out on Instagram.

1. Don’t Forget the Captions

You actually think about the pictures when you think about Instagram, right? Instagram is a platform for photo-sharing, after all. Which is why Instagram is a perfect consideration to promote your business easily. Now, you need to build a storyline that’s interesting! The New Yorker is one example of a business that does this very well. Along with quotes they post impactful pictures from their famously well-written magazine. This is intended to attract people into the game, and to make them visit the site of the New Yorker to learn more. You must pay attention to the length as well, keep it short, and increase the spacing to make it easier to read.

2. Use Hashtag

Using hashtag is the best way to boost reach for your posts. Many fan pages or personal bloggers use trending hashtags and are attracting millions of likes and active followers. Only add a few hashtags to your posts. Each hashtag you use has the power to open the post to a whole new audience — and your product/brand as a whole. Give some thought for your hashtag plan. Studies say posts with 8-9 hashtags get the most interaction. Instead, you need to spend some time in hashtag analysis while building your Instagram marketing strategy so you are using the right ones to get more likes.

3. Use Location

Instagram posts with location labels are getting 77% more interaction than those without, and is a smart way to get likes! Be sure to include location tags on your Instagram posts where appropriate, so that more people can discover you in your target audience and interact with your content. This is particularly important if you are a small business locally looking to interact with people in your area. If you open a restaurant and don’t get your posts geotagged, you’re effectively passing up on free money. Travel companies can likewise benefit from geotagging posts from common travel destinations. That being said, geotagging can help influencers, too. In Instagram’s algorithms a geotagged post would rank higher. And you’re going to get exposed to people looking for your location.

4. Post Consistently

You don’t want to annoy your followers as a brand on Instagram but you don’t want to make them feel ghosted either. A content calendar is a great tool to help you schedule the quantity of posts needed to keep the attention of the users, without losing quality. Be active on Instagram while you’re busy on a regular basis or sharing stories and images on Instagram. Instagram will be promoting you and helping you earn more followers. If you have fewer followers don’t make your account private. The reach of a private account is less than of a public account. Ask questions in the post and post a minimum of 6 stories a week.

5. Upload High Quality Images

This may sound like a no-brainer, but you would be amazed to see how many people don’t. You don’t need a multi-thousand-dollar DSLR camera to make a perfect Instagram post, but at least you can make sure your lighting is good and everything is in focus. If you want to take some great-looking shots, We would suggest at least a good smartphone (like a newer iPhone or Samsung Galaxy) Normally, better pictures are more aesthetically appealing-and that means more likes. Just do the following steps above and you can beat the Instagram’s radar and sneak in all the beauty of the high quality images you have for the world.

6. Use Filter

Using filtering on your photos is one of the great way to get likes on Instagram. Using the same set of filters for all your images (one or two!) will help you build and maintain a clear visual identity on your Instagram account. This makes your images visible immediately on the feeds of your fans, the exposure and making you more reliable. Find a creative toolkit in different styles with a wide variety of filters to find the ideal look you ‘re looking for. Keep experimenting with filters, and make your Instagram videos and photos more interesting to your followers.

7. Share some Behind-the-Scenes photos

Social media is the place to share more tender moments with your fans and followers from your business, helping you to grow your brand identity and improve your emotional link to customers. Give a look behind the scenes of your company to your followers, or preview a new product, show off your workers or take an office tour. This type of content is exclusive and engaging, which means that your followers will probably like it. The behind the scenes is an incredibly successful piece of content strategy that can be created relatively easily, adding in a special and extra unique aspect to your marketing with daily use.

8. Know Your Audience

This is also an important thing which can boost your engagement on Instagram. You need to be confident REALLY with who and what your target audience is. When you know exactly what they want (for example, travel pictures, DIYs, or memes), it becomes so easy to upload content that appeals to them and, in turn, your likes will expand! It will take time to figure out what is effective or what isn’t working for the audience, but the effort is worth it. Instagram is just a simple platform. Choose a niche, attract the audience and give them what they want. You’ll quickly get more followers and more likes from there!

9. Tag Accounts Similar to your Posts

Want to find out how to get more Instagram likes without a lot of effort? Every single post you upload you have to tags relevant people and brands! Similar to giving a shout, they receive a notification of the mention by tagging them in your posts and it effectively catches the attention of the brand and its audience! The account owner will also send a few likes in exchange for the reference, but you will also appear in their feed’s ‘tagged content’ section that everyone can see. Which means visitors can check out the tagged section of their feed and see your stuff!

10. Promote on Other Platforms

Promoting the content on other platform is a great example of how Instagram will get more likes. Not everyone in your community will ever see your Instagram posts, so you want to make sure that your Instagram content is available to members of your community on any social network you use! In your Facebook posts, Snapchat story, Pinterest link, YouTube video, you can promote your Instagram post wherever you are on social media! Be sure to entice the audience with the cross promotion to enable them to join you in more than one place. For example, if you’re a nutrition and fitness coach, you could say, would you like more stunning recipes and tips? Follow me on Instagram! And provide a username or a link to a particular specific post.

11. Use Instagram Stories

Many people who run Instagram accounts (either for their own company or for customers) often concentrate on creating and uploading content to the main feed. Very few know the strength of Instagram Stories and its usefulness. You may use Instagram Stories to share your own unique content, or to reveal that you’ve just posted a new piece of content on your main Instagram page. It’s also a good way to ensure your account remains at the top of your followers’ minds as new Instagram stories will appear at the top on Instagram. Rinse and repeat, and you’ll see your Instagram likes count slowly and gradually going up in time.

12. Run Contests or Giveaways

Contests and giveaways on your profile are a simple way to get more Instagram likes. It’s also a fairly successful way to get the profile and brand out there to reach a larger audience. And who doesn’t want things for free? Be sure to run only small contests with very basic rules, because you’re working on Instagram. In the meantime it is best to decide what your followers would love most for giveaways. Are they gift vouchers? Code for a product discount? Make sure you include like this post as part of the functionality to optimize your Instagram likes for your contest or giveaway. Or else you could waste your contest or giveaway.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get more Instagram likes?
There are many ways you can get more Instagram Likes.

1. Use filters.
2. Post high quality contents.
3. Use Geo-Tagging.
4. Share and promote your posts cross-platform.

Q: Why are my Instagram likes so low?
Home feed from Instagram no longer is sequential. This means that when you post something new your followers won’t see instantly. So they simply can’t (all) like your post immediately. The algorithm works something like this:

The more you interact with a profile, the more will be show on top of home feed. Instagram can take note on what account you seem to more like and engage with.

Q: Do likes matter on Instagram?
Yes! Instagram likes really do matter. The more likes you’ll get, the more people will think: Oh, 900 peoples have already liked this picture, let’s take a closer look into this or it must be fine, let’s give this picture also a like. And most important: The more likes you’ll get, the more Instagram will show your post to many other users (including non-followers). This means the more likes you’ll get, the faster it will grow.

Q: What is the best time to post on Instagram?
In general, (11am-1pm) and in evening (7pm-9pm) are the best times for posting on Instagram. You can schedule your Instagram posts during the working day so that you don’t need to think about this in your free times!

Q: Does liking post get followers?
Start liking photos is an easy way to get the followers. Start with those images which are relevant to your posts. When you start to like photos of other people, a lot of people will start to follow you back.


Use these tactics and you can exploit your growing audience to increase awareness and loyalty about the product. A wider audience means you can exchange information with more prospective customers about your goods. Not to mention, a large count of likes makes your company seem trustworthy to users, so it could very well inspire people to explore and follow your account. The most effective overall strategy as with any social network is to be real and social. Instagram can be a great home for your goods and brand if you concentrate on engagement, not just fans, which can contribute to a healthy profit stream for your e-commerce company. These 12 Tips will help you to grow your Instagram likes. You can opt to use one or two ideas, or better yet try them all and see what works best for you.

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