How to Increase LinkedIn Followers – 30 Tips and Tricks (Must Read)

LinkedIn is commonly considered as the top professional social network for business, job search, and career, among all others. You’re losing out on golden opportunities to acquire more customers if you don’t dedicate a portion of your social media marketing activities to LinkedIn. In many ways, your LinkedIn company page is a second website for your business, and since LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, where many people go for knowledge and research, it could be even more relevant than your main website.

What if I told you that on LinkedIn, there are approximately 675 million+ monthly active users, but only about 5% of them generate and interact with content on a regular basis. This 5% is the most important user category on which you can concentrate your efforts.

The question now is how to increase LinkedIn followers. In this post, We are sharing 30 Tips and tricks on How to Increase LinkedIn Followers quickly. You can use these strategies to expand your personal LinkedIn network as well. So, lets take a look.

1. Post Great Content (Most Important)

Maintaining a consistent flow of new content on your company website will improve its visibility in user feeds. Regularly posting high-quality content on LinkedIn improves your exposure and interaction. What is the best way to do this?

To start, keep your audience interested in providing accurate information that encourages them to return to your page for new material. To keep them engaged, keep sharing interesting and useful content, updates, and links on your page.

2. Invite Others to like your Page on LinkedIn

Finally, page admins may invite their own personal contacts to follow their company page or any other page they manage on LinkedIn. Page administrators with less than 500 connections can use the ‘Select all’ option to invite all of their connections.

Administrators with more than 500 connections must invite each person manually. If an admin has less than three connections, they will not be able to use the feature; a solution is to add multiple admins, especially a very well rainmaker.

3. Add People that are relevant to your field

Assuming you’re a marketer, and you’re posting content about marketing and branding. As we know, the LinkedIn network consists entirely of finance professionals, do you believe they’ll respond to your content? Would they like it or say something negative? Certainly not!

Why would they do so if the topics you’re discussing are completely uninteresting to them? As a result, it’s important to include people from your industry, as well as potential customers and recruiters. Another consideration is that people with a large following receive numerous requests each day, so your request for communication can go unnoticed.

4. Use Hashtags

Using related hashtags is one of the most effective ways to gain new followers and expand the scope of your posts. Look at your competitors’ hashtags, conduct research using the # sign in the main LinkedIn search bar, and use some online tools to help you find the right hashtags. You can also react/comment on conversations from your company’s perspective when you connect your LinkedIn Page with relevant hashtags in the Communities Hashtags.

Hashtags help to find the content on a particular subject. Furthermore, using hashtags in your content can help in your exploration by other users, including those who are not related to you. On LinkedIn, you can follow hashtags, which means that posts containing your preferred hashtags will appear in your feed.

5. Analyze the pages of your competitors

The competition gives you the opportunity to improve your business plan. You can create your own business plan by studying your market competitors and identifying opportunities to connect to a larger audience. 

This approach will help you answer a lot of questions in your mind. For example, How did X business do six months ago? How did it get so big so faster? Who is it aiming for? What steps are they taking to better themselves? Do they participate in social responsibility campaigns in order to reach out to a wider audience? On LinkedIn, you can find answers to several questions and develop a business plan.

6. Choose the Right Titles

The title of the content shared on LinkedIn is the first thing to look at. The titles should never be fake, as they are the most noticeable feature. It’s also true to say that a professional network’s audience is more open to numbers. As a result, you should include numbers in your LinkedIn titles frequently. Furthermore, the titles’ “Why” and “How” questions are terms that encourage interaction.

Since the users of this platform spend the majority of their time reading professionally, such titles would attract informational material. Of course, a most important thing is to make offers that your target audience cannot refuse based on your words. Given all of these considerations, you can use shareable title for your LinkedIn posts.

7. Be Original

Bringing new approaches or applying a unique perspective to old approaches is what it means to be original. Telling your brand story rather than telling about your goods or services is the simplest way to be exclusive. Your brand story gives you a better picture of your company’s staff, culture, history, vision, and outlook.

As a result, it is excellent content for capturing originality. Each piece of content should have its own distinct “voice.” To sound your own voice, write as if you were speaking rather than writing in an academic style. On LinkedIn content, brand voice is very successful.

8. Give Value to Your Followers

Always ensure that you provide value, whether through your content or comments. Don’t just leave a message for the sake of it. You’re not adding any value to the post by commenting things like “cool post,” “wonderful post,” and so on, and it won’t help you gain LinkedIn followers.

Instead, leave a comment with your thoughts on the subject, any alternatives, or items that are relevant to the topic. Make sure that when you create your own content, you are also providing value. It is not required that you write only informative posts every day. A balance of informational and abstract content is required.

9. Fill Up Your Company’s Details

You can fill in all the details about your page and publish it. When filling out the details for your page, make sure to include all these of the items mentioned below.

• The logo
• A overview of the company
• The URL of the website
• Certification of HubSpot Content Marketing
• Geographical location
• Form of business
• Size of the company

It’s also important to display the photos correctly on your company website.

10. Participate in LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups have never been more critical for meeting new people and promoting your brand in today’s market. When the company’s subject-matter experts join these mini-communities as members, it can raise brand awareness while also showing its authority on key topics.

Take part in industry-related groups, where you can share your ideas and experiences. People will look at your profile and page as they get to know and trust you. People use these specialized forums to ask questions and make comments about current issues and events. You gain reputation and LinkedIn followers by providing useful answers.

11. Add Follow Button

This is a simple bonus for any business with a website: Simply add a button on your blog or other related webpages that directs visitors to follow your company page.

It’s easy to add a follow button. Simply enter the following details into LinkedIn’s Follow Company Plugin Generator:

• Name of the company’s page
• Count Mode
• Languages

The count mode is an interesting feature since it displays a live follower count in either a vertical or horizontal layout. Visitors would feel more likely to join the crowd as the following progresses.

Then, after you’ve approved the preview provided by the tool, click the “Get Code” button. This code can be placed anywhere on your website.

12. Share Video Content

Video content is becoming increasingly popular, with 75% of B2B decision makers watching video during the buying journey. Video is an excellent way to capture the attention of mobile-obsessed followers: Just make sure your video starts and ends with your LinkedIn URL. You can easily make these with Canva.

Unique images, especially videos, stand out more on feeds, allowing your brand (and company page) to be noticed. According to LinkedIn data, custom picture collages increase user interaction, so consider uploading a collection of images from events of your employees. Also, if you’re going to post a video on LinkedIn, makes sure you upload it there instead of pasting a link to YouTube or another video site.

13. Use Your YouTube Channel

Use your video notes or ending credits to preview links for your LinkedIn Company Page if you have a YouTube channel. People who enjoy your YouTube content are likely to enjoy your LinkedIn content as well. This marketing YouTube influencer encourages the followers to join on a number of social media platforms, including LinkedIn.

YouTube results will help you rank higher in search results than your own pages, so they’re worth it. Be sure to include your primary website address as well as your LinkedIn profile at the end of each video.

14. Choose the best time to post on LinkedIn

It’s best to get likes and followers within the first hour of a post going live if you want engagement. That means you won’t get much interaction if you post in the middle of the night, when most of your connections are not present, so post on weekdays between 8 a.m. and noon.

To reach people in all time zones, some influencers and brands send out the same message at different times. You should try to visit the majority of time zones without going overboard. What are the locations of your customers? If you want to target the United States and Canada, you should target the EST time zone. If your target audience is in London, you can post during the GMT time zone.

15. Share Photos/Images

On LinkedIn, you can share photos. However,  LinkedIn is not Instagram.
It’s impossible to overdo it. Sharing an occasional picture, on the other hand, can be a game-changer for your LinkedIn development. A content combination is prioritized by the LinkedIn algorithm. Some people would rather look at pictures than read text. By including images in your content mix, you make it easier for people who want visual content to find you.

• For example, if you’ve given a talk at a conference, met an author on a book signing tour, or won an industry award.
• Those are fantastic opportunities to share photos of your LinkedIn communities.
• People will frequently follow you if you have something interesting or impressive to share.
• They’re interested to learn more about you.

16. LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn includes a live-streaming option. That means you can watch current events in real time. When you’re next on stage, tell us about it. Also, you should have something to say. As a secondary channel, broadcast your webinar on LinkedIn. It can be used to share interesting information. As an example.

You’re at a conference and are live-blogging from the event. Alternatively, you can post something in real time. It’s a fantastic way to engage the audience. The LinkedIn live platform is currently being used by some users. In 2021, you have a great opportunity to expand your LinkedIn audience. Pay close attention to setting the time to the appropriate timezone; this will stop people from various countries from becoming confused about the event’s time.

17. Create an Ad Account

After you’ve built your LinkedIn Live event, you’ll need to launch your Single image ad campaign. Sponsored Content is another name for this ad format, and it is one of the most common on the social media site. However, there is one more step you may need to complete before launching your Single image ad. You probably don’t have an ad account if you’ve never run a campaign on LinkedIn before.

Be not worried, making one is simple and takes just a few minutes. Simply click the ‘Advertise‘ button at the top of your feed, next to the Work button and your profile settings, to build a LinkedIn ad account. You’ll be taken to a forum called Campaign Manager from there. Simply fill out the details required by LinkedIn and press the Create account button. After that, fill out your billing details, and you’re ready to start your first campaign.

18. Share your documents

On LinkedIn, you can share documents. Many types of documents can be shared. A PowerPoint presentation and PDF file can be shared. It’s all there. There’s a lot of potential everywhere. Worksheets may also be shared. Cheat sheets are a great way to save time. Your conference notes can be easily summarized in a multi-page format.

What you’ve learned. Perhaps a white paper with helpful hints for someone who may become a customer is in demand. You’re offering people another form of content to consume by exchanging documents. After sharing this form of content, the higher the quality, the more people will follow you.

19. Thank peoples for sharing

Sharing is one of the most important aspects of the LinkedIn algorithm. This defines whether your post is seen by a growing number of people. You’ll go to the analytics tab and look for the people who have been sharing your content.

Look for any lines from your material to see who posted it. Thank them for sharing your post by sending them a greeting. You make it much easier for them to share once more. People would use your content more if there are more people who write. And more people will join you in the future. This is how you can rapidly develop your audience.

20. Make sure your picture sizes are appropriate

We’ve discovered that 1024×576 pixels is a decent size for native (manual) LinkedIn posts. It’s also the same proportions as Twitter. If you’re going to use Buffer or Hootsuite to share your images, go for 800×800 pixels. Only use 1024×576 pixels when posting directly to LinkedIn – using this size when posting via other tools may result in your pictures getting clipped.

Don’t forget about your LinkedIn profile’s banner picture. 1584×396 pixels is the correct size. On LinkedIn desktop, your profile picture will cover half of the left side of the banner. The profile photo is in the center of the banner on LinkedIn mobile. This means that the only place in your banner where you can be safe is to the right of the picture.

21. Share Non-Business Updates

Despite the fact that LinkedIn isn’t Facebook, your content doesn’t have to be exclusively business-related. It’s fine to be super-professional all the time, but don’t be afraid to have some fun now and then.

When I’m not giving writing advice or other techie advice on LinkedIn, I like to throw in a witty post sometimes.

Points to know before writing Witty LinkedIn articles:
• Be sociable.
• Make an impression.
• Don’t act like a robot.

22. Like and comment on other’s posts

Don’t allow it about you. By liking and commenting on other posts, you can support your connections. They will frequently return the favor, and you will both win.

Expect the content to go somewhere if you just broadcast on your own and don’t contribute to others’ posts. Nobody succeeds on their own. It’s worth noting that I haven’t discussed reposting other people’s content. That’s because liking and commenting, at least on LinkedIn, are much more successful than posting. This isn’t Twitter at all!

23. Send Email Newsletters

When you email the newsletter, you have the opportunity to get people’s attention and get them to take action right away. It could be worthwhile to send out an email blast solely to promote your LinkedIn profile. Showcase some of your company’s most recent posts from the Company Page. This strengthens your authority with your email recipients and is a perfect way to send them useful, educational material.

Also, provide special recognition to workers who have reached above and beyond in the last month. Promoting your cool culture is a perfect way to attract new talent and show how well your team works together to your audience. People will want to find and interact with you on LinkedIn once you’ve showcased your awesome company.

24. Use Emojis

Emojis will liven up your posts by adding color and personality. They serve well as heading and list markers. Emojis can be easily inserted into almost any text area on a Mac using the Ctrl-Cmd-Space keyboard combination. No one likes a wall of text, so every 2–3 sentences, start a new paragraph. Since LinkedIn posts do not support rich-text formatting, the safest way to build subheadings in your content is to write them in ALL CAPS – just don’t make them too long!

25. Reply to comments

People will interact with your content every time you share it on social media. Most often, they will leave your comments. Some people write lengthy comments. By taking the time to respond to each one of them. You’re indicating that you appreciate their feedback. Responding to them. When you write another post, you make it more likely that they will comment the second time.

You must maintain the satisfaction of your audience. They will do it again and again if you regularly like, comment, and share your content and reward them for it by taking the time to respond to them and interact with them. Every time a member of your group interacts with you.
You progress to the second, third, and fourth levels in this way. If you leave comments on your social media posts on a regular basis, the post can go viral.

26. Connect With Your Fans

This is serious. After a while, you’ll find it. Some people will regularly respond to each and every message. They will give comment. They’ll tell others about it. Furthermore, they are the most ardent supporters. Make contact with them and improve your friendship.

This will strengthen their relationship and motivate them to keep doing what they’re doing and keep the commitment going. When you interact with someone, it increases the chances that they will see more of your stuff. You’re helping other people discover your content organically on LinkedIn in 2021 by keeping your closest fans happy and connected to you.

27. Follow Other Companies

Follow your rivals and other business opinion leaders. If you interact with their material, they are more likely to follow you back. You may also invite them to join groups in which you’ve posted exciting new updates or facts about your company.

On LinkedIn, maintaining a positive relationship with your peers is a perfect way to gain new followers and develop new skills. LinkedIn is a business-oriented social media platform used by professionals all over the world. Make the most of LinkedIn to boost your brand’s popularity and cultivate relationships.

28. Use Key Phrases So that Others Will Find You

Make LinkedIn SEO a primary responsibility. What I mean is that you should optimize your content for search terms that people might type into the LinkedIn search box. By optimizing for specific keywords, you will target the people you want to be your audience. You make it much more likely that you will be discovered using the search feature. When someone is typing on a computer. Assume you work as a marketing consultant.

When anyone searches for “marketing strategist” in “New York,” they come across your profile and say to themselves, “Hmm, this looks very interesting.” I’m not certain this is the right guy, but I’ll keep an eye on them in the future to learn more about them.” This is how you can use LinkedIn’s search feature to organically expand your audience.

29. Write meaningful comments

Makes interesting remarks about other people’s posts. This is for the industry’s competitors. Others in your social circle. Go to the posts of other people who are of interest to you and who may have some of the followers you want for your network by following them and leaving a meaningful comment. By “meaningful,” We mean that you’re not attempting to sell something.

You’re simply contributing to the discussion. You’re forwarding along information that will help both the author and the other commenters. Furthermore, you figured out another way to indirectly show your experience without coming off as a jerk.

30. Be a public speaker

Be as a public speaker. Participate in events. Make your own events. Offline communication is better. This isn’t limited to LinkedIn. Not just on video, either. In the real world. In the middle of a crowded room. This will not only assist you in rapidly becoming accustomed to large crowds. It will also assist others in finding you. You will draw offline people who aren’t interested on LinkedIn by being offline. If you can make an impression on them offline. And you let them know. Here is a connection to my LinkedIn profile.

Alternatively, here’s my QR code. Take a look. If you want to learn more about this, connect with me on LinkedIn. People from the offline world can be brought online. People who may or may not have a LinkedIn profile. They may, however, create one. They’re interested in learning more about you and your stuff. Speaking at events and promoting your links and profile at those events are two ways to get your name around here. Make a slide with it. Put it on your outstretched hand. You’re gaining more followers on LinkedIn by attracting people from the offline world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get followers fast on LinkedIn?
There are many ways to get fast LinkedIn Followers. We are sharing 30 Best Tips and Tricks for you to grow your LinkedIn followers.

Q: How do I increase followers on LinkedIn Company Page?
We’ve got some tips below to help you grow your LinkedIn business page.

• The LinkedIn company page should include descriptive but sufficient details about the company’s sales.
• Go Live on your LinkedIn Company’s Page
• Add a Follow Button on Your LinkedIn Page

Q: Can I buy LinkedIn followers?
Yes. You can buy. As a newbie you don’t have much LinkedIn connections. Using these tips will help you a lot, but it will take too much time to gain enough followers on your LinkedIn followers. This problem can be solved immediately by purchasing LinkedIn followers!

Q: What are the Advantages of Buy Followers on LinkedIn?
When you’re using a service like SMMSumo or FollowersZeal, you can quickly and easily increase the number of followers on your LinkedIn page. It comes with a number of advantages. Also, if you’ve ever tried to create an LinkedIn following the old-fashioned way, you know how time-consuming and difficult it can be.

This is no longer an issue if you buy real LinkedIn followers. You’ve instantly built a captive audience ready to hear what you have to say. As your LinkedIn profile grows larger, more people can join you.

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These are the 30 simple steps that will definitely help you to grow new followers for your LinkedIn profile. Have you had any success with these LinkedIn tips? Maybe you will come back after a few months and let us know how it went. These 30 Tips and Tricks will help you grow your page and, in return, generate more leads and sales for your company. In order to increase the number of followers on the LinkedIn business page, brands must take advantage of any opportunity to engage with their niche-specific audience groups.

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