How to Tell If Someone Blocked You on Facebook

How to Tell If Someone Blocked You on Facebook?

Blocking has always been a part of social media. We’ve had the option to block another person almost as long as Facebook has existed—whether you don’t like them, want to keep your profile hidden from them, or for any other reason, we’ve been blocking since the mid-2000s. But no one wants to be blocked… So, how do you know whether you’ve encountered the unthinkable?

If you want to see if someone you know has blocked you on Facebook, whether it’s an old friend, a grumpy auntie, a high school classmate, or your ex, there are a few telltale signs to look for. How to tell if your Facebook account has been blocked:

How to Tell If Someone Blocked You on Facebook

When someone decides to block you, Facebook, does not alert you. As a result, someone may block you without your awareness. However, finding the truth isn’t hard.

That person doesn’t show up on your friend’s list.

You get access to a list of all of your Facebook friends if you are a Facebook user. If you see that someone you thought you were friends with is notably missing from the list, it’s possible they’ve blocked you. If you search your friends list, and they aren’t there, they have most likely blocked you.

Remember when Kim Kardashian tried to message Tristan Thompson on social media to tell him how she felt—only to find that he had blocked her? Then she realized that maybe Thompson blocked her, since there were no results when she searches his name in the search box.

This is one of the simplest ways to determine if someone has blocked you on Facebook. While the app doesn’t provide a list of everyone who has blocked you. (but it does allow you to view a list of everyone you’ve blocked). You can try looking up each person to see if they’ve blocked you.

Facebook won’t let you tag them in a post or photo.

If you don’t want to snoop around too much, another quick way to check if you’ve been blocked is to try tagging the person in a post or photo. When you start typing someone’s name to tag them on Facebook, the rest of their name will usually auto-populate. If it doesn’t happen and the person’s name doesn’t display at all, then probably you’ve been #BLOCKED.

Facebook won’t let you message the person directly.

The whole purpose of blocking is to stop the two parties from communicating with each other. So, if you try to start a communication with the accused’s name via Facebook Messenger, and it doesn’t show up, it’s most likely sus. There’s a chance you’ll get an error message saying “the user is unavailable.” They’ve blocked you, so they’re unavailable.

You can’t find the person in search

Usually, by typing a user’s name into Facebook search, you are able to find them. However, if you type their name into the search box, and they don’t appear, it’s a sign that they blocked you.

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