How to Manage, Remove, Change Privacy Subscription on YouTube

How to Manage, Remove, Change Privacy Subscription on YouTube

YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms available. Even now in 2022 it continues to surpass several other platforms, such as Facebook. This site is used by people to keep up with the latest with current events, engage with businesses, learn new things, and socialize.

However, things might get a little confusing, especially if you have a lot of subscriptions. Fortunately, changing your privacy settings and channel notifications is easy. For more information on how to manage YouTube subscriptions, see the instructions below.

How to Manage YouTube Subscriptions

People may want to add, remove, or modify their YouTube subscriptions at some point. The process is simple and just requires a few steps. People can also do this on a computer or a mobile device.

To manage your YouTube subscriptions, simply follow the simple instructions below.

  • Start by visiting the YouTube website.
  • Then, in the top-right corner, click the user icon.
  • Log in with the correct email address.
  • Then, on the left, click “Subscriptions” under the Home tab.
  • On the video thumbnail page, click the “Manage” link.
  • Tap “Subscribe to unsubscribe”, or change notifications by tapping the bell.
  • You have three options for notifications: All, Personalized, or None.
  • Another alternative is to select “Notifications” from the Settings menu on the left-hand side of the page.
  • Set up how YouTube will send alerts about new videos.
  • Choose to receive alerts on their Google Chrome desktop, if preferred.

Optional: Change your alert preferences based on the following :

  • Subscriptions
  • Activity on my channel
  • Recommended videos
  • Replies to my comments
  • Activity on my comments
  • Mentions
  • Shared content

You can turn any of these settings on or off at any time. This notification menu can be view at any time.

Adjusting Privacy Settings for a Subscription

Users can choose whether to make each channel they subscribe to public or private. It’s important to note that the default option is private. This means that other users are unable to view the subscriptions of another user.

Log in to YouTube and go to “Settings” on the left-hand side to adjust these settings. Toggle the options on or off by clicking “Privacy.” The first option allows you to keep all of your saved playlists private. The second is to keep subscriptions private.

Edit YouTube Subscriptions to Public or Private

Some people don’t want their subscriptions to be visible to others.

Thankfully, managing subscriptions on YouTube are a simple.

  • Open your YouTube account and log in.
  • Select the Settings menu.
  • Select “Privacy” from the left-hand menu.
  • Look at the second option, “Keep all my subscriptions private. To use this function, move the slider to the right. Each subscription will be public if it is greyed out.
  • You can turn these options on and off whenever you want.

How to Hide Your Subscriber Count?

Hide YouTube subscribers is another option to managing them. This is the ideal choice for people who have a channel and wish to hide their subscriber count.

This is another simple procedure that just requires a few clicks.

  • Start by logging in using your Google email address.
  • Select “YouTube Studio” menu by tapping on the user icon.
  • Then, on the left-hand side, select “Settings.” On the page, a pop-up box will appear.
  • Select “Channel” and then “Advanced Setting”.
  • Scroll down to “Subscriber count.” Uncheck the box that says “Display the number of people subscribed”

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